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  • Alpine Botanicals 92 East 1st Street Nederland, CO, 80466 United States (map)


April 28th

Introduction to Intuitive Eating: Food freedom + why dropping the labels is the most evolved nutritional approach. 

May 12th

Trust Your Gut: The importance of gut health + feeding your gut to optimize connection to your intuition. 

May 26th

Eat with Joy: Reframing the way you view food, feeding your body, mind & spirit + practices to nurture your relationship with food

**Each 2 hour session will build upon the last. 

The series is designed to be taken as a full course (all 3 sessions). However, if you can only attend one or two of the sessions, you will still be able to follow along. Each week we are covering different material so it isn't essential to hear the prior information in order to gain a deeper understanding of intuitive eating. 

Pricing Structure

Entire Series (all 3 Saturday sessions) - $108

Single session - $40

Additional Information...

We live in a culture that is quick to jump onto trends and extremes. We have access to more information than ever, yet people are confused and ungrounded when it comes to making choices regarding their food. The diet mentality, whether you adhere to a specific diet or not, is something we've been conditioned into as a society. The majority are looking outside of themselves to learn how they "should" be eating. As a nutritionist, I've worked with individuals who identify with all sorts of dietary labels...paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto, raw, etc. I've also worked with individuals who are less dogmatic and more open to flexibility within their diet. I find that the less rigidity that we place around food, the healthier individuals are. Why? Because this flexibility allows for us to tap into our intuition and make choices from this space, as opposed to overthinking our food. 

Food and diet can be a touchy conversation. And there isn't anything inherently wrong with these different dietary structures. That said, for the majority, I find that it creates a barrier between our intuition and our choices. As biochemically unique individuals, our needs vary from person to person. Not only that, but our personal needs can shift drastically from day to day. I've personally gone through so many different phases with the way I eat. The important thing is that when we find something that works, we don't attach to it and make it something we can never stray away from. We can have dietary preferences, without letting them rule us. We can lean more in one direction, without being bound to a label. 

During this series, Elizabeth will talk you through what it looks like to be an intuitive eater. She will give advice around cultivating an intuitive relationship with food. She will offer practices and techniques to begin to integrate this approach. You can expect to feel a sense of freedom throughout this series that allows for you to be more gentle to yourself and your body. You'll gain an understanding around how different foods actually metabolize within the body and through that, be able to make more informed, yet intuitive choices. Science will be fused along with understanding the mind-body-spirit connection and how that relates to our intuition. 





Earlier Event: April 12