$597 - includes 4 private sessions with Elizabeth, handouts + materials created specific to YOU, recipes, meal guidance + more




Are you quick to jump onto "promising" diet/nutrition trends? 

Do social events involving food invoke anxiety? 

Does guilt set in immediately after eating something you've deemed "bad." 

Do you feel the need to punish yourself through exercise as a means to make up for a food "slip up?"

Do you obsess over counting, calculating + measuring food? 

Do you skip meals, start a cleanse or severely restrict after a major binge? 

Are you ready to cultivate a balanced, nurturing + sacred relationship with food?

Are you ready to rid yourself of food anxiety and bring back the charm + joy in eating? 

Healing our relationship with food is all about coming home to ourselves. Our lives improve significantly when we can learn to trust our inner knowingness, as opposed to trusting something outside of ourselves, this includes how we relate with food and diet. We can only seek out so many fitness programs, meal plans, diets, etc. before we realize that none of them ever solve the root issue. None of them are ever as promising as they seem. None of them ever make us feel happy or content. We continue to strive. Restrict, binge, self loathe, repeat... We compare ourselves to others, we convince ourselves that something is "wrong" with us as we countinue repeating the vicious cycle. Meanwhile, we miss out on life. We turn down social events or we don't show up as our best self because we're trapped in our heads, obsessing. We sacrifice relationships. We become a prisoner to the diet culture. 

It's time to come home. Back to balance + enjoyment around food. It's time to move from a place of love, rather than force. Freedom, rather than rigidity. Our life is so much more than counting + calculating.

During these one on one sessions we go back to the basics. We "unlearn" everything we have been conditioned to think about food, body and exercise. We come back to her. By her, I am referring to your greatest superpower, your intuition. We let our intuition guide our food choices. We learn to stop ignoring and start honoring. We begin to view food as nourishment and we recognize the sacredness of it all. We use food as a means to embody self love... to heal. A healthy weight and a health body become natural outcomes in this holistic process.  


$597 - includes 4 private sessions with Elizabeth, handouts + materials created specific to YOU, recipes, meal guidance + more


As a Holistic Nutritionist + healer, I believe whole heartedly that food is medicine. I have worked with countless clients and time after time witnessed food + herbs heal the body. When we remove the foods that are wreaking havoc within the body + correct nutrient deficiencies and look at the way we are relating to food, major healing occurs. In working to support a particular condition, we begin with an elimination diet. This elimination diet is catered specifically to the individual and is temporary. We increase specific macronutrients and micronutrients to support the individual and the condition. We then utilize professional grade supplementation + herbs, as needed, to correct any further deficiencies. In addition to nutrition, we work with lifestyle and incorporate stress-relieving activities to support the body holistically. We stay open to modifications as we learn how to tap into your inner wisdom and access your greatest health. 


90 minute initial intake consultation - $108

A session for us to get to know one another and determine how we can best work together to support you and your healing. Typically, clients fall under one of the packages listed above. That said, nothing is set in stone. If there is a way for me to be of better service to you, we will always tailer the program to you. 


60 minute follow up session - $77

As you continue on your healing journey, it's often helpful to have support. Additional follow ups may be scheduled, or even recommended by Elizabeth, to ensure you continue in the direction of health.