In case I didn't use enough adaptogens with my line of adaptogenic elixirs, I've found another way to infuse these potent herbs into my everyday life. Organic Adaptogenic Coffee by Rasa Koffee is my latest obsession for my daily elixirs, potions and tonics. 

Rasa Koffee isn't actually coffee, rather, it is a blend of herbs that resembles that rich + bitter flavor we crave from our morning cup of joe, with a powerful adaptogenic twist. Don't get me wrong, I love my caffeinated coffee fix just as much as anyone...but as a nutritionist, I am conscious of the way in which I consume coffee. I often take breaks, I stick to no more than one a day and I always have delicious alternatives for the days I am wanting that coffee-like experience, even after I've had my fix. 

I sip Rasa throughout the day, as I would an herbal tea, to keep my energy levels high, to nourish my adrenals and to support gentle detoxification + immune health. 

I also love using it as the base for all of my herbal tonics + potions. Lately, I have been loving my this Rose Koffee Latte for an afternoon pick me up. I love the Rasa blend because it contains a variety of adaptogens and some that I don't use as often. All adaptogens work to balance hormones, help the body to adapt to different stressors and support immune health. From there, each individual adaptogen has its specific medicinal properties. 

You can find the following herbs in Rasa Koffee: ashwagandha, burdock, chaga, chicory, cinnamon, codonopsis, dandelion, eleuthero, he shou wu, reishi, rhodiola and shatavari 

Benefits of this adaptogenic herbal koffee blend include: resilient stress response, balanced energy, uplifted mood, mental clarity, gentle detox, immune system fortification, adrenal wellbeing, healthy lipids, longevity and rejuvenation



12 oz. brewed rasa koffee (according to the directions on the package) 

1 tbsp. ghee 

1 heaping tbsp. dried rose petals + a few for garnish 

1/4-1/2 tsp. cinnamon 

Pinch of pink mineral salt 

1 tbsp. raw honey (optional) / you could also use stevia for a low glycemic option 


Brew Rasa Koffee according to the instructions on the package ~ make sure it's hot for the sake of the recipe

Once koffee is brewed, combine in a blender with remained ingredients 

Blend for about 30 seconds 

Transfer to your favorite mug and garnish with a few dried rose petals and cinnamon