In collaboration with Sankalpa + photographer Alexis Ahrling.

Hi loves! So as you may or may not know, tomorrow, Thursday the 8th, is International Women's Day. I felt inspired to write a post about the feminine we all possess inside of us (male or female) and how one might nourish and express that energy. I've shared a little bit about my experience with softening into my femininity and embracing my goddess in a previous post. It was an intention I had set last year, as I began to awaken to areas in my life where I wasn't honoring my divine feminine. Part of my journey with that consisted of "quitting" all forms of working out. This was an interesting process as I have been an athlete my whole life and into my adulthood, had felt an obligation to continue to work my body every single day. Do I believe in strengthening the body physically? Yes, absolutely! But for me, I needed to experience the other end of the spectrum to reach a balance and a healthy relationship with movement. Taking 8 months to do nothing really allowed me to embrace my soft, feminine body. I had more body awareness than ever. My cycles began to align to the moon cycle (a sign of healthy feminine balance), my chest became fuller, my skin was glowy and I felt a strong sense of groundedness that I hadn't felt before. It was such a beautiful process to let go of trying to shape my body and allow nature to form me into the goddess that I am. 

Sense then, I have introduced movement back into my life, and not only movement, but I've decided to pursue teaching spin classes (full blog post on this to come). I am currently in the training program for that and have significantly increased my exercise. It's been interesting to witness how that shifts my energy into a more masculine driven approach to things. Note that this isn't an awareness I had until having went through that time period of intentionally embracing my feminine nature. What I've realized through this process is that I can enjoy these more masculine driven activities, and if I am conscious in all of it, I can then partake in things that invoke the feminine within me. We all need and possess both energies. However, it is important to nourish our feminine because our feminine energy is powerful and needed in this world more than ever before. 

Up until this last year, I've always been the girl who didn't really open up or allow myself to be vulnerable. When it came to relationships, I would even go as far as to make the other person wrong if they did show any sort of sensitivity or vulnerability. I interpreted it as neediness and attachment and would instantly become adverse to it. As I began to look at myself, I saw the ways in which I was closing my heart to really experiencing deeper connection with a person. I saw where I was trying to control and stay safe to avoid ever having to be exposed or vulnerable. As a type-A person, a person who loves control and someone who was conditioned by her dad that hard work and effort get you far, I've always identified with being a strong, independent women. Even though I grew up in a very conservative home, I laugh about the fact that my dad unintentionally raised a feminist. I've always hated the idea of needing a man and the idea of being a hard working, single, self sufficient woman was always more intriguing to me. 

We're in a period in time where women no longer need men like they once did. Our modern world doesn't require a man to keep us safe, to hunt for food or to lead and protect a family. Rather, women are running companies and even having babies without actually needing to have a male counterpart. The feminist movement is strong, and though I have no issue with feminism, I see where it can be easily misinterpreted. You see, women CAN do anything men can do, but as a female, what makes us an essential part of nature is that our approach is grounded in feminine energy, as opposed to masculine. However, the feminist movement is still rooted in the masculine. Rather than feeding the divine feminine, we are continuing to instill the idea that women need to be like men in order to achieve success. 

The divine feminine is free, flowing, creative, empathetic, nurturing, healing, compassionate, emotional and intuitive. These are qualities that need to be cultivated and honored within our culture. More women being free to create from this place, as opposed to being forced into their masculine in order to reach what society deems as success. Reason, logic, ration, survival and action are all qualities of the divine masculine, which are also necessary. This is why we have the opposing masculine and feminine energies to begin with. Women need to be held and nurtured in their feminine for us to be able to have this balance. When we begin to cultivate this energy within ourselves, it translates into the world. Women coming together to highlight and relish in their femininity is needed so that women can begin to be leaders that are grounded in their feminine energy. We don't need more women tapping into their masculine, we need women who embrace their divine feminine nature and move from that space. 

As a business owner, I get to see how my approach to business is different than the approach a man would take. I acknowledge the value in logic and reason, however, my strength lies in taping into the creative and intuitive energy that I possess and making choices from this place. It goes against a lot of what you might read or learn about when it comes to business, but it's liberating to know that my natural desire to create more freely is an asset, not a weakness. Don't get me wrong, there are absolutely times when it is essential for me to be more calculated and rational with my business. But understanding that this isn't something that always comes naturally to me allows me to have grace with myself. 

I share all of this because I find that our society wants to make women the same as men, but that doesn't feel good either. Yes to equality and honoring the capabilities of women, but at the same time, we don't want to abandon the strength that lies in the feminine. Our soft and flowy nature is a superpower to be harnessed. And now more than ever, we need to infuse this gentle, compassionate, emotionally intelligent energy into all areas of life and stop looking at it as weak. As my teacher always says, "a strong spine with a soft heart." 

So how do we begin to strengthen this energy inside ourselves that has been suppressed for so long? Well, I'm not an expert on the topic by any means. I'm on this journey too. Its a dance for sure, as both masculine and feminine energies are relevant and necessary. But as I awaken in it, I feel into what allows me to stay rooted in my feminine. So I am sharing some of those things below. 


Spend time with girlfriends and women who also desire to cultivate and celebrate their divine feminine. Attend a women's circle or a full moon gathering. If there isn't one near you, create your own women's gatherings. Have your lady friends over, hold space for each other to share, set intentions, open up, cry, whatever feels good. It doesn't have to be anything structured or specific, just come together with the intention of nourishing yourselves and holding one another in their light. 


Start to track your cycle and place more attention on the various phases. It amazes me how many women I know who aren't aware of when they are ovulating, whether or not they are aligned with the moon cycle, whether they are regular or not, etc. Getting in touch with this is extremely empowering. And it allows you to use the various phases to harness the energy that comes along with it. Start with an app, such as My Flow, to begin to develop a relationship with your cycle + a deeper connection to your body. There are also books such as Woman Code and Wild Feminine that I've found to be extremely enlightening throughout my process. 


Find a creative outlet (or multiple). For me, everything I do is based in creation. My business is my platform for creativity and it is an expression of myself. That said, I understand that there isn't always room for creativity within our jobs or careers, so make space for it. Though my business was born out of a desire to create from my heart, it isn't always an outlet for my artsy, free flowing, expressive side. This is why I like to blog and create content for social media. Writing posts like these are by no means essential to my business, but they allow me to share from my heart and say whatever wants to flow through me. There are countless ways to tap into this creative + expressive space. Journal, create art, play in the kitchen...whatever feels charming.



Let yourself feel beautiful. Part of my process in embracing my feminine consisted of wearing more flowy dresses, silky kimonos and even curling my hair from time to time. I'm not saying that these are things you have to do in order to tap into your feminine, especially if those things aren't your thing. But there's no shame in tending to your beauty and enhancing it in a way that makes you feel good. I noticed that when I began to wear dresses and curl my hair, the way I carried myself shifted. I became lighter and softer. It's so easy to through my hair up and put on a pair of leggings (which is completely okay!). But spending a little more time in the morning to feel like a goddess all day was such a gift to myself and it allowed me to tap into my feminine, effortlessly. 


Switch up your exercise and incorporate more yin yoga, flowy vinyasa classes, pilates and barre. If you're anything like me, you like the intensity that comes with a hardcore bootcamp-style workout or a beat based spin class. At the end of the day, I think it's important to find the things you love to do and do those. For me, that's spin and circuit training classes here and there. That said, I know that these are more masculine in nature and with that awareness, I can then choose to incorporate more feminine activities into my life. Something I love to do now is go out dancing with my girlfriends. In fact, me and two of my best friends who are also on this journey of letting the feminine shine through have started going out dancing every Saturday night and calling it ladies night. So. Much. Fun. Simply by setting the intention of making it about the ladies, we get to have fun and innocently honor ourselves in feeling sexy, free and playful. 

Other things I've found to be helpful: 

Moonstone - moonstone is a gemstone all about taping into the divine feminine and all that that embodies. Pictured above, I am wearing 3 tear drop shaped moonstone naked gems by Sankalpa, which were a part of my process in softening into my femininity. 

Self oil massage - getting intimate with my own body has given me a deeper love and appreciation for all areas of myself that I may have criticized or been less in love with before.

Taking more baths - along with the oil massage, there's something about taking a bath that feels nurturing and feminine. Feminine energy is more watery in its essence, so I find that being in water invokes this within myself.

Intuitive movement - another thing I found useful is turning on my favorite music and letting myself move freely to it. It might start out as a yoga flow and quickly turn into a dance party. Giving myself the freedom to move with no agenda or forced outcome instantly connects me to love and deeper connection to my body. 

Rose everything - rose is the highest vibrational plant and contains the energy of the divine feminine. I like to consume my lunar + bliss elixir, which is rose based + use rose oil on my body which instantly makes me feel more goddessy. ;) 

I hope you find this post to be inspiring as we all awaken to the strength we possess when we're in touch with our feminine. As always, let me know your thoughts on the topic. You know I love to hear from you. 

Happy International Women's Day!