Hi loves! Happy 2018! A few days ago I asked you guys if you would be interested in a blog that included health + wellness products I am loving for 2018. The consensus was a strong here it is! I had so much fun compiling all of these, so I hope you enjoy! 

l a w  o f  a t t r a c t i o n  p l a n n e r

This particular planner was introduced to me in 2017 and I used it for most of last year. I absolutely LOVE it. Not only is it gold and beautiful, it serves as a tool to help you get clear on what you want to create + manifest in the year ahead. I actually looked back on what I wrote at the beginning of last year (2017), and all of it, without me even realizing, came to fruition over the course of the last 12 months! It includes visualizations, meditations, space to write down what your grateful for, space to journal + rewrite your beliefs/stories, inspirational (not cheesy) quotes + so much more. It's almost too thorough haha...I'll admit, I didn't do all of the exercises, but I liked having them there as an option. And especially if your someone who has wanted to begin some of these mindful practices, this is an easy + accessible way to incorporate them in the New Year. Bonus: you fill out the months + days, so you can start this planner whenever you'd like. I got mine later, so I'm still using the same one through February. 

m a g i c  m a s a l a  b y  b l i s s  a l c h e m y

Those of you who have made my Grounded Coconut Lentil Masala know that I LOVE my Bliss Alchemy Magic Masala. After traveling to India, I've been extremely inspired by their cuisine. Particularly, their use of digestive supportive spices in all of their food. It doesn't matter if its "fast food" or a home cooked Ayurvedic meal, they spice it up in a way that makes you feel light and satiated after your meal...something that I rarely, if ever, experience in the west. My dear friend and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Radha Schwaller, is the alchemist behind Bliss Alchemy. She formulates the most amazing spice blends, healing body oils, ghee + so much more. I use her Magic Masala like I use salt and pepper...ON EVERYTHING. It offers gentle cleansing, digestive support, anti-inflammatory benefits, mind nourishment and an increase in nutrient absorption when you put it on your food. The spices are pre-roasted, so you can add it after the fact or during your cooking process. I carry a jar in my purse with Magic Masala and put it on all of my food when I go out. With so many people struggling with digeststive issues, I think a product like this is a must. It's also an easy way to improve digestive systems, without making a massive shift before you're ready. You can order off of her site. 

d r y  b r u s h

 photo by free people

photo by free people

Yes, I know, dry brushing isn't anything new...but for the first time in my life, I have been doing it consistently and it has changed the game for me. Why do we always resist the things that are SO good for us?? Well, I finally got it together and I have been doing it prior to almost every shower and it gives me so much energy and lightness throughout the day. Of course in addition to all of its detoxifying + lymphatic flushing benefits. This is the dry brush I have been using, but you could use any dry brush.

n e w  k l e a n  k a n t e e n

water bottles + tumblers 

Drinking water will always be in. More often than not, our health and wellness can receive a major upgrade simply by going back to the basics: drink water, eat foods that you enjoy + provide nourishment, take deep breathes, meditate, move & nurture your relationships. We like to overcomplicate things as a culture...but its really intuitive! I am a sucker for new/cute water bottles. The other day I was at Target (where all unplanned shopping sprees begin) and stumbled upon these klean canteen water bottles + travel mugs and almost died. If you're trying to get back to the basics, there's no way you could have one of these and not want to drink throughout the day. One of my intentions for 2018 is to drink more herbal infusions (basically water infused with different healing herbs aka tea) these travel mugs will be my way of making sure I do it. ;) 

here is the link to the water bottles / here is the link to the travel mugs

m o n k  o i l

Probably one of my top products of 2017, which will carry into 2018: monk oils are potions infused with herbs/botanicals, flower essences + crystals, and formulated on the full moons. Monk oils were created for protection and grounding for those living an urban lifestyle. If you're hyper sensitive like me, you may feel the dense energy when you venture out into the world. Anger, depression, a healer and an empath, I have a tendency to take those qualities on as my own. Having monk oil with me reminds me to check back in with myself. When I get quiet, apply my oil and take a few deep breaths, I instantly feel a shift. It allows me to reconnect. I like to apply it to my heart center + the back of my neck. My favorite potions are the Palo Santo & Dawn City.

b u l l e t p r o o f  b a r s

My recent snack obsession are these Vanilla Shortbread bulletproof bites. Now that most (if not all) Whole Foods carry bulletproof, I have been stoking up on my favorite bulletproof products. I'm not a huge fan of bars, as I often find that they are so carbohydrate/sugar-rich, they hardly ever keep me satisfied for long. These bulletproof bars are loaded with healthy fats + collagen that nourish my gut, brain and skin, from the inside out. They keep me satiated for hours. I usually always carry one in my purse. You can order them of of their site, or check out your local Whole Foods. I've been visiting family is Madison, WI for the last 10 days and the WFM there even had them!! They also make flavors in Chocolate Mint, Fudge Brownie, Lemon Cookie & Chocolate Chip.

a l i g n e d  f o a m  r o l l e r  +  t a l l e r ,  s l i m m e r ,  y o u n g e r

Another one of my intentions for the new year is to begin a daily foam rolling practice. It's something I used to do as an athlete all of the time, but in more recent years, I've abandoned. Foam rolling has been "following" me everywhere and I took it as a clear sign that I need to be doing it. I stumbled upon Lauren Roxburgh and her work and fell in love! She is a body alignment, fascia and movement healer. She created the aligned foam roller and wrote the book Taller, Slimmer, Younger -- 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique. Lauren's book, as well as her aligned foam rollers have been added to my wellness routine in 2018 and I had to share! Follow her work for more information regarding the topics of fascia, alignment + so much more. It's fascinating! 

r e b o u n d e r

Rebounders are a buzz item in the wellness world, and rightfully so. I learned more about rebounding and it's benefits through Lauren Roxburgh and have decided to splurge on a rebounder for myself. This is the rebounder that has been recommended to me. Rebounding serves to flush the lymphatic system + cleanse the liver, move stagnant energy, burn fat, nourish the thyroid, reduce stress + so much more! Do your research, you'll be amazed by this new workout trend. 



b e r k e y  w a t e r  f i l t e r

Ok, speaking of getting back to the basics and drinking more water, filtered water is SO important. It's one of the first things I address with clients because unfortunately, our water has become contaminated with all sorts of thing including pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, etc. Processes like reverse osmosis take away the mineral content and counter filters, like Brita, don't remove most of the harmful materials in the water. I've had a water dispensing system for the past couple of years, which requires me to fill up those huge water jugs at whole foods every week. To me, it isn't convenient...hauling those jugs to the 3rd flour of my apartment complex is something I would rather not do. So this year, I am switching to a Berkey Water Filter. I will be adding the fluoride filter attachment as well. This way, I can fill up the filter from home and have clean water always! 

l i v e r  r e s c u e

I've been a fan of Health Force products for a while now and after getting back from India, this past November, liver support has been on my mind. I've been taking Liver Rescue 1-2x/day and its been extremely helpful. With the toxins we're exposed to on a daily basis, we could all use some additional liver support. A clogged liver is one of the underlying causes to excess weight + metabolic related disease. In addition to that, it's taxing on the adrenals. I love incorporating daily detox into my life, as opposed to extreme + rigid cleansing. 

a d r e n a  s o o t h e

If you've been following me for a while, you know I talk a lot about adrenal health. Its one of the many reason I created my line of adaptogens, to support + nourishing the adrenals. I'm always looking for good adrenal supportive products and after running out of my last adrenal complex, I decided to try this adrena soothe tincture. I absolutely love it! It includes ashwagandha and reishi mushrooms, two of my favs, along with some other herbs. I use a lot of different adaptogens, so when I try a new product, I know immediately if its making a difference. This one keeps me grounded, calms any anxiety I am experiencing and gives me clarity + energy when I need it. I usually take it in the morning and evening. 




a d a p t o g e n i c  e l i x i r s

Ok, I obviously couldn't do a favorites blog post without including my adaptogen blends...

I created these adaptogenic elixirs with all of us in mind! I began concocting them for myself and my clients, until I was given strong instructions from the universe and those in my life to share them with all of you. I've been drinking these blends everyday for a few years now! My adaptogen blends are 100% organic + the herbs are cultivated through biodynamic farming practices. Each of the four blends targets something specific, however, they all work on the level of reducing stress within the physiology + psychophysiology. Now through January 8th, I have my New Years Bundle available on my site which includes all four blends and a discounted price PLUS my adaptogen ebook. Also on my shop, I have FREE shipping through the month of January. I want to give you all the reasons to stock up now because I am confident that my blends will be a positive addition to your wellness in 2018.