Feel the feels: July Playlist

Hi loves! It's a new month, which means I have a new playlist for you! Can you believe it is already July?? My birthday was last week (July 7th), my mom was in town + I was  moving, so you could say these first few weeks of the month have felt a little crazy. Not to mention that astrologically there is A LOT happening, ultimately making this time more emotional + heavy. 

I usually feel pretty stable/grounded, but the watery cancer energy has been revealing quiet a bit of unaddressed emotion for me to work through. Today, I am finally feeling a sense of calm again. If you relate, reminder to give yourself the space to process + meet these things with love & compassion. Don't attach to them, as they are not your truth. Feel them + allow them to pass. They are coming up to LEAVE you so that you can move through life lighter + brighter and more aligned. 

Wishing you all a month of self realization, healing + transformation. 

Much love + happy listening!