Fuck Shame // Say YES: May + June Playlists

Last month was exciting + FULL, which meant I wasn't as on top of blog posts and didn't get my May playlist up in time. But the good news is, there are now 2 new playlists up on Spotify for you to check out! 

I am currently in LA, sitting at my Airbnb, about to hit a Soul Cycle class, but received a few DM's requesting playlists! Now that I know this is something you guys look forward to, I will be sure to consistently share my monthly playlists moving forward. 

A lot is evolving with By Erika Elizabeth. Last month's new moon is Taurus sparked a new level of organization and structure in order to support sustainable growth. On top of that, I started a new project with 2 other badass boss babes that will be unfolding and launching in various ways throughout the rest of the year + beyond. 

May for me was all about seeing the areas of my life where shame keeps me small + limited and releasing that energy. 

June is already presenting itself as a new chapter. The invitation is to move fearlessly in the direction that nature is supporting, resist nothing and trust the opportunities for growth. 

Happy June loves!