Happy April babes! It's the beginning of the month, which means I am sharing a new playlist with all of the songs I have been vibing to lately. As always, a theme organically forms and recently, I have been feeling this greater capacity to love on people like never before.

Earlier this year, I was feeling quite a bit of denseness with my energy and my work. I felt stuck and stagnant in a lot of ways and it was frustrating. Zero flow whatsoever. I reached out to my teacher and her advice to me was to lighten up, play more, get uncomfortable, go dancing, try something new and stop taking things so seriously. I was not expecting her to say any of that...but it was a relief to hear. I followed that and the energy shifted almost instantaneously. I was back in the flow. Why? Because the opportunities I desire, the people I want to connect with and the things I want to manifest for my business and personal life cannot be attracted when I am weighed down with stress, small-self-thinking and fear/worry.

Getting out and "playing" more allowed for that denseness to move through, while making way for all of the goodness. With that came more energy, more vitality and more love to share. I found myself desiring to hold space for the people around me in a way I had never experienced. I was seeing how nature was using my individuality in situations in order to serve the greater collective. I currently feel like a channel for mother divine energy to abundantly flow through me. This last month has been such a lesson in energy and how it works. I've never seen so clearly how my vibration commands the energy around me. We are so POWERFUL!


You can click the link below to listen to my February playlist.