Hello beauties! I am writing this blog to officially announce that my line of adaptogenic elixirs are now available to YOU. I shared my elixirs for the first time ever at Hanuman Festival this past weekend and it was a dream... 

I began creating these blends for myself and my clients and quickly was made aware that I needed to turn them into an actual product. This is only the beginning of all sorts of adaptogenic alchemy that I am beyond excited to share. Read on for how these elixirs came to be...

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You can read more about the magic in each individual here. 

I began using adaptogenic herbs back in high school when I mistakenly purchased maca, instead of matcha, from my local Whole Foods. Fast forward to about three years ago when I began to experience a lot of adrenal and hormonal issues and decided to reintroduce a variety of adaptogens back into my life. At his time, I was finishing up holistic nutrition school and was much more familiar with the power of these herbs. It's no doubt that ashwagandha, maca, tulsi and moringa were my lifeline through this period of healing. They played a major role in nourishing me back to health.

This period of healing was around the same time I began consistently working with clients. It seemed like all of the work I was doing with myself translated directly to my clients. Everything happens for a reason...

In working with individuals, I began to identify a theme. Every single person who sat across from me had two things in common: 1) their cortisol (stress hormone) was through the roof and/or dysregulated and 2) their nervous and endocrine systems were incredibly imbalanced. I could give my clients the most amazing meal plan, supportive lifestyle recommendations and correct all of their nutrient deficiencies. But if they we're still stressed out and therefore, their hormones and blood sugar were't regulated, my recommendations could only get them so far. The usage of adaptogenic herbs and my focus on detoxing stress from the lives of my clients brought my practice to the next level.

I began teaching workshops on stress and how stress has a direct relationship with weight, nutrient absorption, blood sugar, hormones, etc. Of course, one of the tools I loved to share with people were adaptogenic herbs. I would send attendees home with my tonic and elixir recipes to utilize the adaptogens I had spoken about during the workshop. From there, I began to play with all sorts of herbs; mixing up rose elixirs, turmeric tonics, hot cacao with medical mushrooms, superfood coffees... they all became a part of my daily regime. I thought it was so powerful to educate people on the various medicinal constituents of each herb and from there, they could use that knowledge to mix up a potent little potion that would support the body accordingly. I saw my saying, "heal your relationship with food" come to life with these elixirs. 

If you're wondering what on earth adaptogens are, they are essentially a word to categorize herbs that help the body to adapt to stress. This stress could be emotional, physical, chemical or dietary. I like to say that adaptogenic herbs meet you where you're at. So let's say you wake up in the mornings feeling fatigued, you could take ashwagandha, for example, to boost energy.  At the same time, a person cold take ashwagandha for difficulties falling asleep. This is a rather basic example of the way in which adaptogens work. That said, amongst many things, adaptogens are best known for their balancing effect on the endocrine and nervous systems, in addition to their ability to support immunity and regulate your stress hormone, cortisol. 

I was sitting in meditation one evening and I had a clear impulse that I needed to create and sell a product utilizing these herbs. As soon as I finished my mediation, I went straight to the kitchen to create what are now called the Detox + Synergy and the Lunar + Bliss elixirs. I can't really explain in words what happened in that moment of creation, but it was as though something bigger than myself was moving through me and doing the work. I was merely a vessel for this elixir magic to be made. It was effortless. I knew, in that moment, that this was the beginning of something huge. 

If you know me, you know the kitchen is my creation zone. Nutrition and holistic health is my passion. And fusing these loves lights me up more than anything. 

This is it. These creations are my heart. And I am all in. I didn't skimp on labels or packaging, I went straight for the pricey glass containers and the professionally made labels with a metallic gold moon ;) Why? Because I don't plan on going anywhere but forward with this herbal elixir love. I want everything about my product to reflect the overwhelming passion I have for this work. And I feel the support of the universe in all of it. 

All of my herbs are 100% organic and carefully sourced for sustainability. In fact, the herbs I will be using moving forward will be cultivated from small biodynamic farms in India. Employing farmers who would otherwise be negatively impacted by Monsanto and GMOs. When it comes to my company, there is nothing I want more than to support a greater mission with products that have changed my life and the life of my clients. 

To me, these elixirs are more than a healthy herbal beverage. When you're mixing up an elixir, you're coming from a place of truly wanting to nourish your body. That's it. It's pure. It's not overthought or overcomplicated. It's as food and our relationship with food should be. Whenever I give my clients the elixir blends, I give them specific instructions to make their elixir mindfully and with love. I tell them to sit down, acknowledge everything that this potent little potion is doing for them and to sip and savor it with joy. It is a practice to begin to view food in this light. May we all move beyond calories, counting, restriction and rigidity and learn to eat with love, joy and peace of mind. Fueling our bodies with an abundance of whole, nourishing foods. 

Unlike many herbal blends I see on the market, I wanted to create something that would give you a full serving of the potent adaptogens in every serving of the elixir. I want you to feel and experience the power of these herbs. In addition to that, each elixir works from a place of synergy. By that I mean, I didn't just take all of the herbs that support the brain and throw them into a jar and add stevia...each herb in each of my blends was selected carefully and together, they work to compliment, activate and enhance one another. Less is more when it comes to these herbs. I used my background in holistic nutrition and my experience healing myself and guiding my clients to do the same to create these therapeutic, magical blends. 

I am thrilled to share these creations with you. This is just the beginning. Your sweet words and support over these last months mean the absolute world to me.

More to come... 

Xo, E