Currently sitting at my favorite spot in Boulder, Wonder Press, sipping an almond milk latte and basically bursting at the seems as I blog my heart out on this brand new platform. I started my first blog back in 2014, called The Glowing Clean Life, where I solely shared original healthy recipes. As my schooling to become a Holistic Nutritionist neared the end, I had my next website/blog designed, with my nutrition practice in mind. Many of you are most familiar with my previous site, Erika Elizabeth Nutrition. Blogging took a backseat as my career as a nutritionist began and life became CRAZY. Balancing a full time job in addition to seeing clients in private practice and keeping up with the many side hustles I had my hands in was a MAJOR learning experience. I had to learn to surrender to all the things I thought would be my life + trust and allow the universe to work her magic. It took about a year of work life to really see where I wanted to direct my energy for my business. I'm sitting here now with clarity and direction, something I truly lacked prior, and I'm ready to share it with YOU. Blogging is my heart. Being open + sharing my story as a means to inspire others lights my soul on fire. And having a unique voice in the saturated field of nutrition is exciting to me. The premise of my new + improved business: To inspire a food revolution where innovative nutrition is woven together with the power of our intuition, to create a synergistic relationship with the food on our plate and what our body is calling for in every moment. We've exhausted the diets, the trends, the paleo, the vegan, the low carb, the low fat... at what point are we going to stop our search for the perfect "diet" or formula to "fix" us? It's time to come home. Life is so much better when we trust how we feel as opposed to trusting something outside of ourselves. YOU have all the answers within. It's just a matter of accessing them. Turn off the noise and tune in to what is trying to work its way through your consciousness. 

 Almond milk latte @ Wonder Press + Carrot Raison bread by Daydream Dessert 

Almond milk latte @ Wonder Press + Carrot Raison bread by Daydream Dessert 

I've known for a few months now that I needed to create a new site that was a better reflection of the voice I wanted to have in the field of health + nutrition. I wrote my first "living in tune" post over on Instagram, about 3 weeks ago and after the response on that, I realized it was time to stop putting it off and just make it happen. Living in tune is a series of blogs, sharing my own journey of coming home. Back to my body. Back to my heart. Moving from my intuition, rather than outside conditioning. As a share my long time journey, I hope to inspire you along yours. We are all the same. When we share our heart, we breakdown barriers and move together in the direction of evolution. Read my first LIVING IN TUNE post, as seen on Instagram, below, and stay tuned for more to come. LOVE you guys! Xo, E

L I V I N G  I N  T U N E  

"Learning to a tune with our natural rhythm, honoring our body in each moment and listening to that inner voice is KEY for truly cultivating a healthy relationship with food. 
If we aren't doing that, than we're simply listening to rules + dogmas created by somebody else. We identify with our rigidity and become attached to various titles... vegan, plant based, paleo, etc. We become extreme.
"I don't eat gluten."
"I don't do grains."
Have your preferences, there is nothing wrong with that. And of course, know your body and what it needs. But don't become attached to a label based on something you read, based on some vegan blogger who claims to only eat fruit or based on a diet that was never created specifically with YOU in mind.
Diets hold us back. Even the good ones.
They don't support our evolution.
They keep us restrained.
News flash: what your body needs changes EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Let yourself be inspired by the various instagram handles, but never ever ever try and replicate exactly what another person is eating.
I get messages all of the time asking me, How many servings of nuts do you eat in a day? Did you eat the whole avocado in that picture? How much fat is too much fat? Do you eat dairy? Are you gluten free? I find it comical! That said, I can relate... Prior to mending my own broken relationship with food and my body, I was obsessed with finding out what other girls ate. I tried every regime out there, and guess what, I was tired, ravenous, imbalanced and unhappy. 
The only 'diet' (& btw, diet simply means: a way of life) that works for YOU is the one specific to YOU. The one that invites and welcomes change + fluctuations, that isn't restricted by a set of rules, that caters to your innate needs. 
Intuitive . . . 
these are the words I wish to bring into the world of health + nutrition. It all begins with living in tune. 🌙 "