This program was created to bring you back in tune with your juicy, full + radiant self, in the most natural and authentic way. I (Elizabeth) work with countless women who come to me feeling frustrated, out of alignment and unable to truly feel balanced in their bodies. They report that they’re doing “everything right,” and yet they experience things like anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, an inability to lose weight, painful periods + pms, breakouts, poor digestion, etc. I care so deeply to help these women, as I know what it feels like to not feel like your best self. It’s time we look beyond just whether we eat gluten or not and how often we get a workout in. In this 5 week program, we dive deep into understanding what it truly means to be a woman who thrives.


  • Understanding female hormones

  • The 4 phases of your cycle and how to nourish each one properly

  • Living in tune with your natural biological rhythms to achieve optimal + effortless balance

  • Healthy body image, intuitive eating + cultivating a healthy relationship with food and the body

  • Key nutrients + foods for female hormone health

  • Stress and how it impacts your endocrine + digestive systems & how to begin to reduce stress chemistry

  • Adaptogens: what they are and how to begin incorporating them for a healthier nervous system and therefore a healthier body overall

Fem flow image.png


  • 1 one on one sessions with Elizabeth + 4 group lectures with allotted time for Q + A (all sessions 60-90 minutes)

  • Personalized nutritional assessment to identify any nutrient deficiencies

  • Personalized supplement protocol for balancing, utilizing professional grade supplementation

  • Personalized rituals + lifestyle recommendations

  • Feminine Flow workbook

  • The Feminine Flow Elixir Set: Shatavari, Rose + Feminine Flow

Cost: $600 + personalized supplement protocol ($100-$200)

$150 deposit to reserve your spot (limited spots available)

Dates: Private one on one sessions begin the week of 4/15 - upon signing up, you will schedule your personal session

The following 4 group sessions will be run weekly, beginning the following week of 4/22. Have a conflict?

All sessions will be recorded and can be relistened to at any time.

I am excited to have you as a part of the Feminine Flow Program!! After filling out this form, someone will be in touch via email to solidify your spot.