What are adaptogens? 

Adaptogens are a plant kingdom that work on the level of reducing stress in the physiology & psychophysiology. They do this by improving the body’s response to stress. Ultimately, adaptogens build a stronger, more robust, nervous system that can take on more, without being negatively impacted. When stress hormones are reduced, the body is able to function with greater efficiency. 

Why should one be interested in consuming adaptogens? 

Research is being released that the amount of stimulation one would receive throughout their entire lifetime, just 200 years ago, is the same amount of stimulation the we as westerners are receiving in a single day. So what exactly does this mean? We have created a world that the human body is not yet fully adapted to. We see all sorts of conditions & disease stemming from “lifestyle.” Meaning that most of our disease can be prevented! The key is the reduction of stress. The likelihood of the world around us slowing down is slim. Instead, we need to work with our systems to create greater resiliency and adaptability. Adaptogens make this possible. 

What makes an adaptogen an adaptogen? 

Often times, adaptogens are the plants that survived major natural disasters, extreme temperature changes, etc. and were the species that were resilient enough to withstand. When we consume these plants, that adaptive and resilient energy is also going into our systems and creating a similar response. It is important to make sure that your herbs are being sourced from quality farmers to ensure that that same energy is being cultivated with healthy growing practices. 

Speaking of sourcing, where does By Erika Elizabeth source from? 

We source all of our herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs, a company that ensures all of their products are organic and/or wild harvested. They take additional measures provide the most high grade herbs that are cultivated with care. You can read more about their responsible and sustainable growing practices at

How should I take my elixirs? 

We receive this question all of the time, and the truth is, it isn’t black or white. The elixirs are non toxic and unless you have a specific health condition or your doctor has instructed you otherwise, you do not need to restrict consumption. 

You’ll notice that your elixir jar has instructions for making an elixir, as Elizabeth would. The recommended portion is 1 tablespoon. That said, we like to say anywhere between 1 teaspoon up to 1.5 tablespoons is an appropriate amount. 

The elixirs are potent and pure, containing nothing but the herbs. You can even start by sprinkling the blends on your favorite foods. Think oatmeal, chia seed pudding, yogurt, pancakes, baked goods, toast, smoothies/smoothie bowls, etc. Or, go strait to the concentrated elixirs. Connect to your intuition! 

Is it okay to consume multiple elixirs in a day? 

Of course! Elizabeth likes to choose from the Detox + Synergy or the Intuition + Flow in the morning & the Beauty + Brains or the Lunar + Bliss is the evening. You’ll find your rhythm. Adaptogens are best consumed in in smaller quantities, but throughout the day. So have at it! Your body + mind will thank you. <3

Is there a particular blend that I should start out with? 

Nope! Whichever one calls to you is the only answer we can give. If your budget allows, we recommend having all four blends on hand. This gives you the freedom to tune in daily and ask your body what it needs. You may go through a week of consistency using a particular blend and then find that it’s time to switch it up! The body loves to switch things up. :) 

Are the elixirs safe during pregnancy? 

That’s your call, mamma. If you ask Elizabeth, the answer would be yes. But we recommend doing your own research and making an informed decision that you feel comfortable with. Typically, the only one we like to point out to be particularly careful with is the Detox + Synergy, as it contains maca. The other blends do not contain any contradictory herbs, but be sure to consult with a holistic practitioner or Naturopathic Doctor if you have any questions/concerns. 

Do my elixirs ever expire? 

They do not expire, as they contain dried herbs. That said, we recommend using them with two years and keeping them in a cool, dark place to ensure optimal potency & nutrition. 

How long will my elixir last? 

Each container, on average, lasts individuals about a month, with daily use.