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Erika (Elizabeth), founder of By Erika Elizabeth, is an expert Holistic Nutritionist + the creator behind her signature line of adaptogenic elixirs. Elizabeth is passionate about bringing a fresh and full spectrum approach to wellness, speaking to the effects of stress on our system and creating innovative solutions that get to the root cause of the imbalance.

Her line of 100% organic, synergistic herbal elixirs works on the level of reducing stress chemistry within the body, while simultaneously enhancing things like beauty, digestive capacity, cell regeneration, immunity, detoxification, brain power, creativity + so much more.


By Erika Elizabeth is not just another product line. Rather, it is a platform to educate and inspire a new way. Elizabeth believes that being well and feeling good is just the beginning to an impactful and fulfilled life. Being a conscious human being means that we take this wellbeing that we are cultivating on a daily basis and we export it to our environments. This is true wellness: an increased capacity + vitality to GIVE.

Elizabeth spends her time between Boulder, CO and Los Angeles, CA hosting By Erika Elizabeth pop-ups + workshops, educating individuals on how to reduce stress and find vitality using holistic modalities, food + herbs and working privately with clients around the globe.