One of the ways in which I keep my meals exciting and flavorful is with fresh herbs and healthy fats. Especially in the summer months, this cooling herby chimichurri is one of my go to recipes for adding into bowls, tossing with salads, topping scrambled eggs, etc. 

I teach my clients the importance of eating S.O.U.L. foods. A.k.a : seasonal, organic, unprocessed and local foods. Eating with the seasons is one of the simplest ways we can balance our body. In the heat of summer, incorporating cooling foods like cilantro, lime, coconut, cucumber, green leafy vegetables, etc. is supportive. Eating with the seasons doesn't have to be overthought, even just noticing what is more prevalent at your local grocery store and farmers markets is a start. In addition to that awareness, follow your intuition. It makes sense that lighter foods like melons and cucumbers would be supportive in the summer months. While denser foods like butternut squash are more in alignment for the winter. 

Cilantro in particular is a very cooling herb. It's benefits include: supporting detoxification of heavy metals within the body, protecting against oxidative stress, settling digestive upsets and can even contribute to reduced anxiety and stress, while improving sleep. 

Making a sauce or dip featuring fresh herbs like cilantro, basil, parsley, etc. is a great way to up your intake of fresh herbs. Incorporating more herbs + spices into your meals serves to activate full metabolic capacity within the body, ultimately increasing energy and nutrient density of a meal. 

Try this easy chimichurri on salmon or chicken, with your favorite gluten free pasta, tossed with chickpeas + more fresh cilantro, on top of eggs, inside tacos, etc. 



2 large bunches of cilantro OR try 1 bunch of cilantro + 1 bunch of parsley, with stems removed to the best of your ability (it does't have to be perfect...I usually just cut as much of the stem off as I can with a knife and leave the rest) 

3/4 cup organic extra virgin olive oil OR avocado oil 

2 whole garlic cloves 

Pink salt + pepper to taste 


Combine all ingredients into a high speed blender or food processor and blend/process until smooth