Energy + intention is everything. What you put in, directly reflects what you get out.
— Erika Elizabeth

H O L I S T I C   N U T R I T I O N I S T



Elizabeth is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating Guide and practitioner of Vedic Meditation, with additional certifications in Mindfulness Functional Medicine. Elizabeth works one on one with clients both locally, in Boulder, CO, and globally. As a Nutritionist, Elizabeth focuses on bringing awareness to the way in which her clients are relating to food. It's not about the was never about the food. As inherently intuitive human beings, we know how to feed ourselves. The work comes in peeling back the layers to reconnect to that knowingness. Our relationship with food is a journey. Elizabeth aims to educate her clients around the importance of not only choosing high vibrational foods, but also cultivating an awareness around who they are as an eater. She uses her background in therapeutic nutrition, along with her trainings in Mindfulness Medicine, to look deeper and take a holistic approach, ultimately, connecting mind, body & spirit.

E L I X I R   M A K E R

Elizabeth is also the creator of By Erika Elizabeth Adaptogenic elixirs: a line of elixirs inspired by her philosophy that what you put into your body directly influences your experience. After school, Elizabeth was introduced to Ayurveda and became deeply inspired by the way in which Ayurveda combined foods and herbs to create medicine for the body, mind & soul. 
By Erika Elizabeth adaptogenic elixirs were born out of Elizabeth's personal health struggles, in addition to her passion for adaptogens and plant medicine. She began concocting adaptogenic blends that she consumed to support her body in regaining her moon cycle, relieving her insomnia & restoring the health of her adrenals. 
Fast forward to a year into her consistent practice of Vedic Meditation, Elizabeth received a full download of what she was supposed to create with her love and understanding of adaptogens & the principles of Ayurveda she had been gathering. She began by sharing her blends with clients and quickly moved into action to create and sell what her line is today. Whether you are working toward balancing your hormones, reducing stress, supporting your meditation practice, getting grounded or opening your heart, Elizabeth's intention is to create high vibration blends that hold the energy of healing for the body, mind & soul.

E L I Z A B E T H  L O V E S . . .

palo santo

If I had it my way, there would be palo santo burning around me all day, everyday. Anytime I need to ground, it is my go to. I also gravitate toward anything palo santo scented. 

redrocks concerts

If you’re at all familiar with Colorado, you probably know about Redrocks Amphitheater. It’s basically an outdoor concert venue, created by the natural red rocks, located in a town outside of Boulder/Denver. It’s by far one of my favorite things about living in Colorado and I’ve had some of the best nights of my life there. 


I’m in love with all things rose. Body oil, incense, perfume and of course, infused into my favorite foods + drinks. Lunar + Bliss is my favorite & most used elixir from the line because of its base being organic rose petals. 


I geek out over some astrology. I think anything that can offer one a deeper understanding of Self + how we relate to those around us is an amazing tool to connect to. I have an incredible Vedic Astrologer who I consult with, but I find all of it, both western and Vedic, fascinating. 

beat based spin classes

Beat based spin classes became my meditation before I ever had a consistent practice. 45 minutes in the dark with music blaring...everything about it inspired me and pulled me through some intense periods of my life. I now teach spin, here in Denver, with the intention of creating the same experience for my riders that I had. It's an opportunity for me to give. To uplift. And to share my energy. 

vedic meditation 

Speaking of meditation, I love and have so much gratitude for my Vedic Meditation practice. It has been the foundation for everything I do. Within the first week of doing the practice, I knew I wanted to become a teacher of it. To say that it changed and continues to revolutionize my life doesn't do it justice.  

the ocean

Though Boulder, CO is where I call home, the ocean offers me the greatest sense of “coming home.” When I get to the beach, I feel like any and all of my fears + anxieties dissolve and I instantly connect to my boundlessness. It offers me the truest perspective...that of my highest Self. <3 

getting "witchy" 

Playing with different herbs, mushrooms + tinctures and combining them to make a medicinal potions/elixirs is my favorite way to connect to my intuition in the kitchen. 

PHOTO BY Tamara Muth-King

PHOTO BY Tamara Muth-King