Hi loves,

As the creator of By Erika Elizabeth, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth and my background is in Holistic Nutrition and Mindfulness Functional Medicine. By Erika Elizabeth includes my holistic nutrition practice, in addition to my line of adaptogenic elixirs. I am a healer by nature, and above all, I have deep desire to bring innovative tools + a fresh and light approach to the world of wellness.

My passion for sharing + formulating high quality, adaptogenic elixir products was born out of my own personal struggles with severe hormonal imbalances - which led to insomnia, amenorrhea, debilitating anxiety, adrenal fatigue and ultimately, an unstable nervous system.

Through my self healing journey, I was given an opportunity to apply all of the knowledge I had accumulated over my years of study, and acquire what I see as our greatest teacher in life - direct experience. I look back with gratitude and reverence for this time, as it taught me so much, made me stronger and brought me into deeper alignment with my purpose.

Around the same time, I finished up school and began to consult one on one + teach groups of individuals with similar limiting ailments, further developing my area of expertise. This led me to find my speciality and passion in women’s hormonal health, adrenal health and cultivating a loving and beautiful relationship with the body and food. As someone who grew up with an eating disorder that led to health repercussions later in life, it is essential to me that my message remains pure, liberating and authentic, as opposed to limiting and restrictive.

We are here to enjoy life - connect, relate, uplift and create shared experience - which can’t happen when we are stressed out, anxious, hating ourselves and our bodies, not feeling good in our own skin, expending every ounce of our energy just trying to get through the day, thinking that we need to be fixed, feeling fatigued and constantly at our max capacity, feeling lost + disconnected…with all of my heart, I want to support as many people as I can as they transition out of these lower vibrations and they rise into their true radiance. We are here to shine bright + inspire others to elevate with us. As a healer, THIS is what I care about. Being well + feeling good is not the end, it is just the beginning.

The mission of By Erika Elizabeth is to offer tools that support you in embodying your potential and living out your radiance.

with love,


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